Action Alert! Cancel ALL State K-12 Exams Now — Testing Resistance & Reform News: March 16-24, 2020

Pressure from grassroots activists and a bipartisan group of policymakers has forced President Trump and Education Secretary DeVos to allow states to suspend federal standardized exam requirements in the wake of the coronavirus. To protect public school children, educators and their families, state leaders must now be pressed to:
1) Apply immediately for waivers of federal assessment mandates by filing a formal request with the U.S. Department of Education to be relieved of Every Student Succeeds Act testing obligations; AND
2) Cancel all requirements for state-required testing by legislative action or by executive order.
Administering any standardized exams in a climate dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic would be irresponsible from an educational, public health or equity perspective.

FairTest has compiled the following overview of state actions to shut down spring 2020 testing, updated through Tuesday morning, March 24. It includes policies from more than two thirds of the 50 states. Updates will be posted periodically under Spotlight at

National All States Can Cancel Standardized Tests This Year

National Tested (or Not) by the Coronavirus–not-even-student-exams-are-immune/2020/03/18/3b118b30-685d-11ea-9923-57073adce27c_story.html

Alabama State Files for Testing Waiver

Arizona Bill Calls for Tests to Be Postponed or Cancelled, Depending on Schools Reopening
Arizona Maybe Coronavirus Will Finally Kill Teaching to the Test

Arkansas State Testing Called Off for all Students

California Governor Issues Executive Order Cancelling Standardized Testing

Colorado Tests Cancelled for 2020 Due to Coronavirus

Connecticut State Seeks Federal Testing Waiver Suspending Annual Assessments

Florida All K-12 School Testing Scrapped for the Year

Georgia State Suspends Year-End School Tests

Indiana Governor Cancels All Standardized Tests for Academic Year

Kentucky State Education Department Will Seek Testing Waiver

Louisiana Feds Approve Testing Waiver Request
Louisiana Governor’s Proclamation Waives All Exams and Test-Based Consequences for 2020

Maine Federal Testing Waiver Sought

Massachusetts Legislature Must Act to Waive State Testing Requirements
Massachusetts Grassroots Campaign to Cancel This Year’s Tests

Michigan No Students Will Have to Take State Assessments This Year
Cancellation of Tests Allow Will Allow State to Defer Implementation of Third Grade Promotion Exam

Mississippi State Department of Health Calls for Cancelling School Tests

Missouri Commissioner Cancels All 2020 School Exams

Montana Feds Asked to Waive All Testing Requirements

Nevada Federal Testing Waiver Sought

New Jersey Will State Leaders Cancel Spring 2020 Testing?
New Jersey Why Scrapping Testing This Year Is a Good Idea

New York State Officials Left to Decide on High School Regents Exams
New York Pressure Grows for Complete Cancellation of 2020 State Tests

North Carolina Lawmakers Must Act to Pursue Federal Testing Waiver

Ohio State Still Needs to Cancel Its Own Testing Requirements
Ohio What Are the Impacts of Suspending This Year’s K-12 Exams?

Oklahoma State Pursuing Testing Waiver

Oregon Federal Waiver Filed to Cease School Testing

Pennsylvania State Department of Education Cancels Spring 2020 Testing

South Carolina U.S. DOE Approves State’s Testing Waiver

Tennessee Legislature Unanimously Approves 2020 Exam Cancellation, Waives All Test Consequences

Texas Annual School Testing Requirement Suspended

Vermont Feds Give Preliminary Approval to Testing Waiver,600588

Virginia Testing Waiver Will Be Sought

Washington All Testing Cancelled for This School Year
Washington With State Tests Cancelled, High Schools Await Guidance on Graduation Standards

West Virginia Governor Seeks Federal Waiver, Cancels State Testing

Wisconsin Testing Waiver Sought

Wyoming Federal Waiver Allows Students to Avoid Annual Testing

University Admissions Case Western Reserve Drops ACT/SAT Requirement
University Admissions Do Test-Optional Policies Work?
University Admissions Could Coronavirus Push More Colleges to Go Test-Optional?
University Admissions Students Petition Colleges for SAT and ACT Flexibility
University Admissions March 2020 Law School Test Cancelled

International Ontario Canada Cancels All Standardized Exams Due to Pandemic
International United Kingdom Cancels A-Level and GCSE Exams Cancelled

Worth Reading Scrap This Year’s Big Standardized Tests

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